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We are an Italian Association of Knives and Axes Throwers, born from SILCA (Italian School ot Throwing Knives and Axes), our purpose is to involve more people in this amazing sport.

What we do had nothing to do with circus shows, it’s a real sport, with rules and competitions at every level. The throw is a sport that allow the athletes to improve their body and mind focus in order to achieve the perfect throw.

Our competitions includes precision at several distances, speeds and strenghts. 

The Throwing universe has many urban myths to debunk, like for instance the common but wrong idea of the balanced knife. 
Everything can be thrown, is the thrower who has to find the perfect way to hit the target with it.

Let’s GO

start throwing is really easy

you will learn to handle axes and throwing knives

Our activities

Qualified teachers

Skilled teachers will guide you in your personal learning path. Learning how to throw will be easy and amusing.

historical re-enactments

Our association is well known for countless historical re-enactments, with many performers who always amused and interested the audience.

Events and competitions

We take part and organize  tournaments and events in Italy and abroad. 


ALCA is also throwing training courses

We organize training courses to learn how to throw knives and axes, and also competitive training to take part to national and international tournaments.

Main activities

Our Training Courses 

We provide training at every level starting from a simple introduction lesson to cover the basic knowledge in how to throw so that everybody can easily get started in a relaxed way to the art of axe and knive throwing.


Prossima apertura Bologna

Beginner Course

The student will learn how to throw knives from the blade and from the handle and the axe both at different distances.

Competition training

This course takes the student to a better level of knowledge, improving the basic skills with specific excercises to achieve better precision and resisteance to take part in every kind of competition.

Single Lessons

For whoever would like to learn how to throw axes and knives but needs one to one lessons.


Where and When



+39 348 350 9146

Friday evening 20.00-21.30 in Correggio (RE)
Via Alda Ferrari 8/A Prato Di Correggio, Reggio Emilia, 42015 Correggio RE


+39 329 004 1226

Saturday afternoon 14.30-16.00 at Castelnuovo Rangone (MO)

You can get access from  Via Damiano Chiesa (entrace to the tennis fields) or from Via Bisi 1 (snack bar entrance)

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